Social Studies 8 course outline (January-June 2022)

Jan 18-21

Intro to course

Review of provinces, territories and capital cities of Canada

Review of continents and oceans 

Map types - with a focus on physical and political maps

Using the atlas and other map sources to interpret and acquire information (worksheets on Australia and North America)

Jan 24- 

Map features (compass rose, legend, title, scale, grid lines)

Jan 25-26

Start planning and drawing map (project due Feb 3)

Jan 27-28 

Longitude and latitude - creating and interpreting coordinates

Adding these grid lines to the map project

Jan 31-Feb 2

Work on map project 

Feb 3-4

What happens when civilizations, groups from different cultures meet? First focus - conflict

Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Feb 7

Search CBC or BBC for a news item that presents a conflict between groups. Create a summary of the news item.

Feb 8-10

Conflict in the Balkan Peninsula (the former Yugoslavia)

Feb 11-12

What happens when civilizations, groups from different cultures meet? Second focus - sharing/spreading belief systems

World religions and their involvement in historical events

Feb. 14-15 

World religions

Feb. 16-17

What happens when civilizations, groups from different cultures meet? Third focus - lifestyles, systems of government, adapting technology

Feb. 18

Vikings and their legacy

Feb 21-24

Exploring North American First Nation and Australian aboriginal

perspective on land and spiritual beliefs.

View documentary "Secrets From the Ice"

Feb 28- March 4

Research - (1000 C.E.) pick a culture anywhere in the world, then an aspect of civilization. 

Develop three questions to help refine your search.

;Final product will include:

    *a timeline of two events in the history of your culture (around 1000 C.E.)

    *a map indicating the area of the world the civilization lived and prospered

    *three paragraphs (8-10 sentences), one paragraph for each question

    *a title which indicates the topic and the culture

Final product can be poster, Power Point, etc.

March 21-22

Finish up project, create bibliography

March 23-25

Feudalism in Europe - Middle Ages

the story of the Bayeux Tapestry - notes due Friday

March 28-30

Belief systems and law in the middle ages

Compare elements of law then to what still exists today - notes due Wednesday

March 31, April 1, 4-5

Knights and chivalry

Watch various video clips  - find and view elements of history 

April 6-8

Create you own coat of arms. Examine elements from your family name  Include these elements and/or find symbols that represent you. 

Create a paragraph that explains 3 or more of the elements in the coat of arms - this assignment due April 8

April 11-13

The Crusades ( 1096-1254) - outcomes (both positive and negative)

The Magna Carta  (1215) - events leading up to the creation of a charter to represent the rights of the people

Notes due April 13

April 19-22

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -create your own rights and freedoms

Increase of trade and urbanization

the Black Death (1345-1355)

April 25-29

Monday - review of vocabulary

Tuesday (April 26) - test.                       

Wed. - Friday - the Renaissance

artists and inventions

May 3-6

notable people of the Renaissance

Prepare for vocabulary test on May10.      Vocabulary review

May 6- May 13

Work on project (Renaissance/Reformation)

May 10 - Vocabulary test

May 13 - project due

                                                       project        project 

                                                                        sample     instructions

May 16 - 31

Explorers - motivation, colonization, exploitation

Vocabulary quiz - May 27

                                                                                      vocabulary review

Explorers package due May 31-

      (Sea Dogs worksheets, documentary notes, map) 


June 1-8

  Review - review materials were distributed May 14                      

                                                                                            Exam Procedures