Social Studies 8 outline

Unit 1 - Geography and Mapping

Jan. 18-22

Monday - Map of the world - label continents and oceans

Tuesday - Physical features and facts of North America

Wed/Thurs - Physical features of Europe and Asia (pages 1,2,3 in handout)

Study for quiz Wednesday and Friday on 7 continents and 5 oceans. 

Friday -Introduction to latitude and longitude 

Jan. 25-29

Mon - Latitude and longitude (label map and do pages 8,9)

Tues - more practice with latitude and longitude - page 10 

Wed - map features

Thursday - introduce map project

Friday - work on map project

Feb 1-5

Mon/Tues - work on map project

Wed - Project due (period 2 class)

Thurs - Project due (period 1 class)

Wed/Thurs/Friday - Rome and its legacy

Feb 8-12

Mon/Tues- Rome's legacy - 

Wed - map of Roman Empire, Scandanavia, Israel

Thursday/Friday - World religions - their role in history - ambition, inspiration, conflict...

Feb. 15-19

Mon-Wed - Christianity, Islam

Thurs. - research on an interesting fact in world religion - practice in creating citations

Fri - assignment catch up day

Feb. 22-25

Mon-Yukon First Nations belief systems

Tues. - Vikings era-culture, conquests

Wed. - connections/contrasts in perspectives of different cultures

- paragraph

Thurs. - "Did you know?" research display

- Vikings culture

March 1-5

Mon - Franks/Celts

Tues. - Chinese/Japanese - possible research topic discussion

Wed. - preparing research topics and questions

Thurs/Friday - begin research on culture of choice circa 1000 C.E.

March 8-11

Preparing and presenting research

Skills practiced: citing sources, taking notes, summarizing, paraphrasing, creating an organized and visual appealing presentation

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