English 9 outline

September 8 - 11, 2020 

Student presentations continue this week a skill broken

into 5 steps and explained

Writing an expository paragraph:

       read article of choice

       develop a thesis

       develop two key points to support thesis

       use quotes from article to support key points

       explain each point - be sure to tie to thesis

       develop a conclusion 

September 14-18

Idioms and expressions

Character terms 

short story "Borders" by T. King

September 21-25, 2020                                                                                            

Short story "On the Sidewalk, Bleeding" by E. Hunter

Opinion paragraph explaining how the main character was dynamic

Plot terms

September 28-October1, 2020

Short story "The Interlopers" by H.H.Munro

Examining conflict and plot

October 5-9

Plot, conflict, point of view - 

Hand-in assignments:

- analyze plot for "The Blue Bead"

- point of view - identify for the stories we have read 

Author's purpose

October 13-16

Writing a story -

Tuesday - using descriptive vocabulary in setting

Wednesday- Friday - editing story drafts

October 19-23

"The Jade Peony"

"The Girl Who Married the Bear"

"The Gift of Stories..."

October 26-30

Finding connections and lessons in stories

Essay planning

November 2-6

Essay - The Importance of Stories

Draft essay due on Nov 6

November 23-26

Allusion and tone in poetry

Time to edit essays and stories

(Good copies due this week)

Begin poetry project - Choice of A or B

November 30 - last period to work on poetry project

Dec 1-4 - ​Novel study - background information, 

                vocabulary, reading and comprehension

Dec. 3 - read to end of chapter 3 

           - do questions on Ch2-5 worksheet in your packet

Dec 4 - all poetry projects due - presentations

           - read to end of chapter 6

Dec  7-11

Novel study - vocabulary, reading comprehension

               and associated activities

Dec. 7 - read ch. 6 

             watch 'The Fence' documentary

Dec. 8 - read ch. 7-8

           - complete vocabulary list (5 words)

           - respond to ch 7-8 questions in packet

Dec. 9 - read ch.  9-10

           - respond to ch 9-10 questions in packet

Dec. 10 - read ch. 11-12

           -computers available for catching up

Dec. 11 - read chapters 13-14

Dec  14-18

Novel study - vocabulary, reading comprehension

               and associated activities

            - sentence structure exercises

Dec 18 - novel study packet due

Jan 4-8 - review for final

          - in-class writing assignment

            - review of terms

                                                                   Final Essay


                      Final exam review

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